TUTORIAL: Connect an Android device with your PC through SAMBA

Today we want to explain in a simple way how to connect any of our Android devices to our local network through SAMBA, the most widespread protocol in Windows computers. With this method we can play multimedia content or execute any type of file in our TV-Box, smartphone or tablet stored on our PC from the local network. A very practical system that as we will see does not have much complication if we configure it correctly.

smb v2 android windows n10


The SAMBA protocol is one of the most widespread when it comes to sharing units or network folders between Windows computers that is compatible with many other systems such as Android. This protocol is by default activated in its SMB v.2 version in all Windows installations and other systems that allow it to be installed as an alternative network system. Consult the Other tutorials section of this guide to learn more about the SAMBA protocol, its versions and performance or alternatives such as NFS.

Preparations on Windows PC

In order to connect to the PC where we have the files to share first we have to perform a few preliminary steps that we will explain, it is necessary to identify our PC on the network and give it the necessary permissions to allow us to connect.

Windows shared connection settings

If you already have your PC on the network and access it from another PC, this step may not be necessary, in any case check it.

  • In Windows Settings go to Network> Change connection properties> Private network
  • Within Network> Advanced sharing options
    – Private> Turn on network discovery
    – All networks> Sharing with password protection> We have two options
    a) If we have user and password defined when starting Windows> Turn on password protected sharing
    b) If we DO NOT have a password defined when starting Windows> Turn off password protected sharing
  • Open a Windows Explorer window, visit the local network, activate file sharing if requested.

Know the IP of you PC

To connect from Android to our PC we need the network address of this device.

  • Consult the IP of our PC
    – Windows settings> Network> see network properties> IPv4 address: 192.168.0.xxx> Point it

Preparations on Android

To connect with our PC we have to use an Android file browser compatible with SMB v2, many administrators have this payment option or through an extra module, we will recommend some simple options.

Configure CX Explorer or X-Plore with SAMBA

All these apps have the same configuration system, in the menus you have to look for the network section and add our remote server using the IP address where the PC is, in addition to indicating User and Password if we have them defined.

  • In CX Explorer, go to Network> Remote> Local Network> Select the PC if it appears in the list.
  • In X-Plore go to LAN> Add server  > Manually or scan in case it detects the PC.
  • We add IP (192.168.0.xxx) in addition to User and Password data, if we do not leave it as anonymous.

Configure MiXplorer with SAMBA

  1. Download and install the two APK from these links MiXplorer + addon SMB v2
  2. Launch MiXplorer
  3. Let’s go to the Side Menu> Drop-down icon> Add storage> LAN (Samba)
  4. Write the IP address in the first field: smb: //192.168.0.xxx or use Search local >>
  5. Write User and Password with those we have defined in Windows or leave blank.
  6. In the Display name field we can put a nickname for this connection
  7. In the Bookmark menu we will see the new route of the Samba network defined

Several interesting tricks in MiXplorer

  • We can have several tabs open in MiXplorer and open when you start it:
    – In the arrow of the tabs menu > Save tabs > Now
  • We can also create a shortcut to a network folder on the desktop:
    – Press and hold on a folder > Side menu three points > Add to … Desktop
  • We can leave the Shortcuts window fixed in > Settings > More > Fixed drawer
  • Is possible to change the language in Settings > Languages > Add


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Not working. I can add my windows samba server just fine. But my Linux samba server is not found on Mixplorer… SOME other apps DO find it. Frustrating…

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