How to detect fake SD cards or USB sticks

The use of SD cards or USB sticks is becoming more common for storing information in large quantities. It is possible to use them in our Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles or directly in any PC. Many times we find very tempting offers fake SD or USB drives that hide behind a product that does not comply with the space they advertise, let’s see how to detect these fake devices.

We offer you a series of easy to use applications that analyze our SD cards or USB sticks in depth to know what exact capacity they have. It should be noted that there may be differences in space due to the type of formatting or the space reserved by the system to manage the file system.

sd real n01



This is one of the most practical programs when it comes to seeing all the real information about our SD card or USB memory stick. You only have to connect the device and Chipgenius will automatically detect all the information from the manufacturer.

This program does not modify anything in our storage unit, so we do not have to worry about losing information. At the bottom we have a section with detailed information that indicates the total amount of the drive.

sd real chipgenius


With the name H2testw we have a verification tool that will check byte by byte the actual size of our storage unit. The program is available only in English but its use is very simple.

Just select the unit you want to check and click on Write + Verify. This app does destroy the information that is on our SD card or USB drive, is something that must be taken into account. It is not a recommended app for very large units, since the process of work is very slow and heavy.

sd real h2testw


This application also performs the test function correctly, with FakeFlashTest we only have to select the SD drive or USB stick to be tested and launch the available tests.

It has two test methods, a destructive one that writes in all the space of the storage unit and a non-destructive one that writes only in the empty space available. If it reaches the end and detects that it cannot write in the false space it will warn us. Before performing any destructive process make sure you make a backup, all files on the drive will be deleted.

sd real fakeflashtest


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