TUTORIAL: Fix error 0013 using Netflix on Android devices

For some time now we have comments from our users about the fateful error 0013 on Netflix, today with this tutorial we will try to explain the causes of this problem and possible solution for all who suffer from this issue on your Android TV Box, TV-Stick, mobile phone or tablet.

netflix error 0013 fix d01

What is the Netflix error 0013?

It is an issue that is shown after a few seconds of starting the playback of any Netflix content, we can use the application correctly until doing that action. We are shown the image that we see above and we can only close or read a generic documentation with the “More” button that does not help.

Why am I seeing this error message 0013?

The problem is that the version of the Netflix app that we have installed is not compatible with our system (firmware), this usually happens when it is updated automatically regarding the version of Netflix that came standard with the device or because we delete the default version and we reinstall a new versión of Netflix using Google Play.

  • We can see the version of our Netflix app from Settings> Applications> Netflix

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How to fix Netflix 0013 error?

To fix this error we have to go back to the original version of Netflix that had our Android device or install an older version. For this we have several options:

  1. If we had a version installed on our device by default it probably worked correctly before updating, we can do a reset and recover that original version. To do so, go to Settings> Backup> Restore factory
    This will erase all data from the device and restore the original version.
  2. Download the official version of Netflix for devices without certification.

How to prevent Netflix from updating automatically?

To prevent Android from updating Netflix and reappearing error 0013 go to Google Play, open the menu of this application (three points in the search bar) go to the Netflix app and at the top where the 3 dots appear we deactivate ” Automatically update “

  • NOTE: If you do not find the app on Google Play, you do not need to do this step.

netflix app backup n02

Create backup of the original Netflix App

We can make a copy of the Netflix APK installed by default on our device with any of the multiple backup apps we have on Google Play such as App Backup Restore Transfer, we recommend copying the APK outside the TV Box after extracting it .

netflix app backup n01

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My box ALWAYS replace replace old netflix app with the default netflix app that brings by default.
Netflix cant be found in google app,i have not even logged in.. and still is always replaced by the stock rom. Wtf
Any idea?

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