TUTORIAL: How to fix the message “Device not certified by Google” on Android

For a few months ago Google has been restricting Google Play store installation and Google services to devices that are not officially certified by this company such as Gmail, Google Drive and others. With this strategy, Google tries to impose a certain level of quality on all its Android devices and with this practice notifies too who has not gone through its controls.


Who is affected by the blocking of Google services?

This limitation given the wide use of the Android system in all types of devices is giving some scare to users even with models of first brands with certified devices, we will see what points can give us problems with the certificate.

  • Only affects models that integrate a modem, for now it seems that it does not affect the TV-Box.
  • Devices with Bootloader unlocked.
  • Devices with a Custom ROM installed.


How to fix the message “Device not certified by Google?”

When we have a device that is not certified by Google as soon as we connect to the internet and try to access a Google account, we receive a message similar to the one shown in the following image.

In the message we are told that we have purchased a device not certified by Google. This message can appear for three reasons, the first for being from an uncertified company, the second for being a certified company but for some reason our device gives certification problems and the third because we are using a Custom Rom, this is the option what interests us

  1. Go to the link g.co/AndroidDeviceRegistration
  2. We will see a web page where we are asked for a number “ID de Google Services Framework”
  3. To get that number we downloaded the Device ID app, we can download it here.
  4. Install the Device ID app and execute it.
  5. Click on the number “Google Services Framework (GSF)” and copy the number.
  6. With multitasking we return to the web where we were asked for the Google ID number and we paste it, click on REGISTER
  7. We will see a number “Android ID registered” below the field where we have entered the code.
  8. The process has been successful.
  9. Restart the device.



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