TUTORIAL: Install APK easily on our Smart TV, Android TV or Fire TV

We will explain in a simple way how to install APK on our TV-Stick or Smart TV with Android TV or Fire OS system in a very practical way. Many times these types of devices do not have USB ports or micro SD slots to connect an external memory with the APK or simply we are more comfortable to do so wirelessly. For this purpose we can use several alternatives, but we have chosen the most comfortable and simple. If you have any doubt leave your question in the comments, and we will help you.

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Send Files to TV

Undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and simple apps to install any APK on our target device is to use the Send Files to TV app, we can find it in any app store with a simple search.

We have to install the app in our device and it is also necessary to install it in our Smartphone or PC to send the files that we download from there. The way to use it is very simple and it is quite fast.

  1. We download the APK we are interested in to our mobile or PC, for example:
    HBO for Android TV ideal for the Fire TV Stick.
    KODI for Android ARMv7 will also work well on the Fire TV Stick.
  2. We run Send Files to TV where we have downloaded the APK.
    – In Android click on SEND and select the APK.
    – In Windows on the icon next to the clock right button SEND FILES…
  3. Select the APK file you have downloaded in the Download folder or in Downloads.
  4. Select the destination device that will receive the files, for example AFTSSS.
  5. Click on Send and the destination device will automatically receive it by downloading it to the Download folder.
  6. We will only have to execute the APK from a file explorer to install it as explained in the following point.

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Once we have the APK file downloaded to our device we can install it very easily using any file browser. To install the APK we only have to locate where the APK file has been downloaded and run it following the instructions on screen, if we have problems with permissions follow the advice given.

  1. We recommend X-Plore or CX-Explorer, but there are many valid ones in the app stores.
  2. Execute file explorer in Android TV or Fire OS.
  3. Search for APK file, usually in the Download folder.
  4. Click on the APK and accept permissions.
    – If we have problems with permissions we can give them manually to the app:
    Android TV = Settings > Application > Permissions > Storage > OK
    Fire OS = Settings > Applications > Application Management > App > Permissions > Storage > OK
  5. The app will be available in our list of installed apps on the desktop.

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