TUTORIAL: How to execute TWRP in the Android TV-Box with Rockchip SoC

We present today a guide to run TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) on our Android TV-Box with Rockchip RK3229, RK3328 or RK3399 SoC. This system allows can us to have a recovery menu with many more options and that allows us to install modifications, back up or recover our system easily.

  • FIND A FIRMWARE: You can use the search of our web, if we do not have it published we don’t have it, ask to your shop
  • NOTE: AndroidPCtv is not responsible for problems that may cause a firmware change. If your TV-Box works well, do not change.
twrp des n02


These compilations of TWRP are developed by users altruistically, the compatibility with all TV-Box is not guaranteed. They can be tested without fear because they only run temporarily and do not modify the TV-Box.


  • USB drive or a microSD card formatted in FAT32 format
  • Keyboard or mouse to control TWRP
  • Download the recovery file that corresponds to our SoC:
    – TWRP RK3229
    – TWRP RK3328
    – TWRP RK3399
  • If you locate a new TWRP that we do not have please share it with us , we will add it, thank you.

Boot our Android TV-Box with TWRP

  1. Copy the recovery.img file to the root folder of the USB memory or SD card
  2. Introduce our SD or USB drive in the TV-Box.
  3. With the TV-Box off (take out the DC power cord) we introduce our SD or USB drive.
    We keep the Flash Mode button pressed (some models are inside the audio/av jack) and insert the DC power cord to turn it on, wait for the update percentage to appear automatically.
    reset button n01
  4. If we have managed to start TWRP, we will have on screen the buttons menu of this recovery system
    – We need a keyboard or mouse to move through the TWRP system
    twrp s905x2 tuto n01 min
  5. If we reboot the TV-Box we will have the classic Recovery since it is only temporarily executed


twrp s905x2 tuto n01 min


  1. In our SD card or USB drive formatted in FAT32 we need the following files:
    – recovery.img
    – ZIP file with the firmware or modification to install
  2. We restart in TWRP mode as explained in the first point of this manual
  3. Click on the Install button
  4. Click on the Select Storage icon and select the units where we have located the ZIP to install
    twrp s905x2 tuto n03 min
  5. We select the ZIP file from the unit file list
  6. To install the firmware we move the arrows to the right with our mouse, the installation process will start
    twrp s905x2 tuto n04 min
  7. Once installed the firmware will give us the option to make Wipe Cache / Dalvik, we recommend doing it
  8. We restart the device (this TWRP has a bug and we need to disconnect the TV-Box physically)
  9. The system may take a while to start because different packages will be installed in the boot process
  10. We recommend doing a factory reset from the Android settings if we have installed a major modification


If our TV-Box is not recovered by any flash method we may be trying to update in the wrong way, it is advisable to repeat the previous instructions step by step, if it still does not recover we recommend reading the following guide.


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could you reupload the twrp files please, the link isnt working

mohammad anwar

hello sir
i have MXQpro 5g 4k tv with rk3229 in it
i flash that twrp but there is problem.. it’s show me internal stroge 0
and even not allow to wipe
i try every thing
my box is not rooted
i chek with root cherker
“help me
i need to flasg magisk on my box


can this help me to do the tv box root ??


Hi! I tested with my T9 TV Box RK3328 (4GB-32GB) with Android 8, but it doesn’t work. it boot into the stock recovery


I have Nexbox A95X, the WiFi is not coming on. Please what do I need to do? Thanks.


Use our search and flash the exact firmware for your box.


Hi! I tested with my H96 Max+, but it doesn’t work. I tried with android 8 and android 9 too.
On android 8 boot uo into the stock recovery, android 9 booted into the system.
Have you any idea?
I would like to remove the root, because I’d like to use some app what doesn’t work on rooted device.
I tried with Full unroot option in SuperSU app…doesn’t work… My system is mounted as RO and I can’t mount as RW.
Thank you for your answer.


I already tried thoose methods, but not working.


Hi. I unroot my H96 Max tv box using the Impactor Universal Unroot app in the playstore.


The link to RK3229 is not twrp compatible. The Backup, Restore, and Delete service is not running.


I have 1 OTT Tv Box Eliker Model: T96N, RK3229, RAM 1GB, ROM 8GB; which is Bricked. and I have another one, exactly the same thing working correctly. What might I do to unbrick it? I am not able to find the correct firmware.


If we don’t have published then we don’t have it.
Ask to your shop, they must pass to you the link.
Share the link to help others

Hello! What about RK3318chip? How to make a build for this tv boxes?


No meu V88 Mini II instalou, mas quando entra no modo de recuperação via TWRP, o mouse e o teclado NÃO estão ativos, agora mortos e a tela TWRP fica pequena e não tem opção de aumentar. Então não é possível fazer o processo. Se entro na box modo normal sem ser recovery, mouse e teclados funcionam normais. Pode me ajudar por favor? Obrigado.


Need it for rk3318


Tested with no success – H96 Max Plus


You have installed Android 7 or 8?

Android 8



good to know… figured it was bs.
android version would make a difference, as would oem’s rom tweaks.