Unisoc Tiger T310 a new Quad Core 4G for the low-cost sector in 12nm

Unisoc, a quite active brand lately and known until recently as Spreadtrum, has just presented its new Tiger T310 a Quad Core SoC aimed at low-end Smartphones that presents a somewhat unique CPU configuration. This new SoC is manufactured in 12nm by TSMC and introduces ARM’s DynamIQ architecture for the management of its cores in all senses including energy, achieving, according to the brand, substantial improvements in all aspects with respect to the competition.

Unisoc Tiger T310 is a Quad Core with two clusters, the first with an ARM Cortex-A75 processor capable of reaching the 2.0 GHz processor core and the second with 3 ARM Cortex-A55 cores that reach 1.8 GHz. GPU we do not have data at the moment although we know that it will integrate model 4G-LTE and support for up to 3 cameras that as the latest trends mark will include serial software for facial unlocking, achieve Bokeh effects, distortion correction algorithms, night mode, beauty and a long etcetera.

  • At the moment we do not have more data of the Unisoc Tiger T310 we suppose that when we know them it will definitely be at the moment of its exit in the market.


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