UWANT B100-E, powerful and small multi spot cleaner

Today we have an offer for the UWANT B100-E, a gear cleaner wherever you find it. Due to its design it is a good solution for cleaning upholstery, stairs or car interiors.

This small portable robot offers us 4 in 1 cleaning, it has high pressure spraying + washing + scrubbing + vacuuming, thanks to its easy to use cleaning head. Thanks to a powerful jet of pressurized water and the addition of cleaning agents it can work against the surface breaking the dirt molecules while the brush scrubs, in the process separating the stains before being extracted to the rear dirty water tank.

UWANT B100 E spot cleaner

UWANT B100-E Specifications

The UWANT B100-E robot has a powerful water pressure of 12 Kpa, this allows a cleaning depth of 6 m. Regular and Strong cleaning modes are available, this system provides maximum cleaning power to dislodge deep stains and dirt. The strong suction allows faster drying times by leaving little water on the work surfaces.

You can also press and hold the self-clean button to rinse the brush and the inside of the tube with clean water automatically, removing stains and preventing bacterial growth and unpleasant odor. The clean water tank has a capacity of 1800 ml and the waste water tank 1600 ml, thus avoiding the hassle of adding and pouring water frequently in the cleaning process.

UWANT B100 E cleaner

Daily use and maintenance

The 5 m power cord can be quickly attached to the main unit by pressing the Wind Up button on the back, eliminating the hassle of tangles. For ease of movement this robot features a 360° universal wheel design, this allows for easy movement wherever cleaning is needed. The compact design and flexible movement makes cleaning and storage easy.

The UWANT B100-E robot features a flocking brush is made of 0.15 mm diameter rounded soft nylon and silver ion antibacterial materials. This also reduces odors with prolonged use. Each antibacterial brush filament is strong yet delicate, ensuring that fabrics are not damaged.

This unit is designed to work with three cleaning solutions: deep cleaning fluid, fabric cleaning fluid and dust mite removal cleaning fluid, all of which are specifically designed for specific cleaning (sold separately). Extra-wide brushes are perfect for cleaning large surfaces and stains with maximum coverage and less effort (sold separately).

Pricing and Availability

  • We can purchase the UWANT B100-E from the UWANT store for only $219 using the store coupon, you can even claim an additional 5% discount when you become a member.
  • The products will be shipped from the local warehouse, also has an overseas after-sales department.


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