VideoStrong HC1, Android Home Care Hub for elderly video calling

Today we present the new Android TV-Box with video camera system VideoStrong HC1, an ideal complement for the home or to accompany our elders.

The HC1 stands out for its design and the FullHD front camera that offers us, with it, we can make use of full screen video calls without any complications. With the multifunction system of the VideoStrong HC1 we have communication support in ZigBee and LoRa protocols. With them, we can communicate with many smart devices to manage them remotely.

In addition, we are also offered Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to make use of this system within our home network or with all kinds of peripherals.

videostrong hc1

VideoStrong HC1 main features

It is Android TV-Box VideoStrong HC1 offers us a design easy to place anywhere in our home, thanks to its controls we can directly access all its functions. With just one command, it is possible to activate full screen video videocall on any TV in our home.

In addition, this device integrates two long-range microphones with which we can give orders directly from anywhere to the apps. This system also has a 5W RMS speaker that allows you to listen to all your messages, hear the video call attendees or simply play music.

HC1 1

In the remote control section we also have ZigBee 3.0 and LoRa, with them we can manage systems such as electronic locks, curtains, lighting systems and air conditioners, among others. Very interesting functions to assist people on the other side of the connection.

VideoStrong HC1 Technical Specifications

In terms of hardware, we have an Amlogic SoC that runs the Android 11 system and all its apps. This processor has four Cortex-A35 cores up to 2GHz that integrates an ARM Mali-G31 MP2 GPU up to 4K@60fps 10bit HDR. It is available with 2/4 GB RAM options, for storage we have variants with 16/32/64 GB, just ask for them when ordering.

HC1 3

This device has a USB port, HDMI 2.0 output, HDMI 2.0 input, Ethernet 100 connector and power port. As for the wireless connection, we have Wi-Fi aC 2T2R with two external antennas and Bluetooth 5.1. Thanks to the Android system, we can use countless communication apps compatible with this hardware.

In addition to the Home Care Hub, the product comes with an IR remote control, HDMI cable and an instruction manual for easy start-up.

Information and purchase VideoStrong HC1

HC1 2

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