Vidlok W91, new business 360° Webcam with dedicated NC Speaker

Today we present the new Vidlok W91 webcam that surprises us with its unique features, as it allows us to rotate 360º the main lens and incorporates a speaker with noise cancellation function.

The Vidlok W91 webcam is a good choice if you need flexibility when setting the field of view of the camera, thanks to its swivel system, we can focus the main camera at almost any angle. The camera can be fixed thanks to its integrated clamp on any laptop, or it can simply be left on a flat surface. It also has a speaker on one of its sides with NC (noise canceling) function that helps to avoid interference in the meeting room or in our office.

Vidlok W91 n01


The Vidlok W91 has a 2 MP webcam with Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, 90º wide viewing angle, f2.0 aperture and 4.5 mm lens. Its design allows it to rotate 360° on the horizontal axis and 120° on the vertical axis, with these angles we can cover any space without problems.

It also includes two front microphones with ambient noise reduction technology and a status LED to indicate if it is recording. On the side opposite the lens we have a speaker that is detected without problems by the system to connect it, we will only have to change the source of sound emission to enjoy a more powerful sound and intelligent noise cancellation function that gives us this side speaker.

The connection interface is USB 2.0 which allows us to use it without drivers on our computer, as it will detect it automatically. We can use it with all types of video conferencing software such as ZOOM, Skype, Google Hangouts and others. The sound is encoded in PCM format and the video in MPEG format for maximum compatibility. The webcam has a weight of 135g and dimensions of 56 x 90 x 48 mm, integrates a grip system at the bottom and is tripod compatible.

Price and availability

Vidlok W91 n02

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