ViviBright F30 a FHD projector at a great price

New Chinese projector that comes in its usual rectangular plastic chassis under the name of ViviBright F30. A projector that in this case draws our attention for its content price to have a native FullHD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) with which we can enjoy minimally what we project. It is also curious to find in this projector an SPDIF audio output, an extra that shines by its absence in most of the projectors of this range. Another point in favor of ViviBright F30 is that its internal multimedia player is compatible with AC3 audio formats and video .MKV so it does not seem necessary to connect it to a external miniPC or TV-box to play these formats.

ViviBright F30 proyector

Projector specifications

The ViviBright F30 projector uses LCD TFT technology with a native FHD resolution of 1920 × 1280 pixels, a brightness of up to 4200 Lumens and a contrast of 15000: 1. The focus is manual, the trapezoidal correction is automatic and we can get a screen that goes between 60 “and 300” with a projection distance between 1.2 and 6.8m. As is usual with some projectors, this includes front, rear and ceiling projection modes.

Other specifications

This projector also integrates in the chassis a control panel keypad on the back and a pair of 10W speakers inside. In terms of connectivity we find two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI port, analog audio outputs and a SPDIF digital audio connector. Among the accessories we also find an infrared remote control in addition to cables.

Price and availability

  • The ViviBright F30 projector can be purchased on sale at for $ 169.99 free shipping.

ViviBright F30

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