Vivo Live Xplay7 with fingerprint reader on screen and 10 GB of RAM

The Vivo brand is not well known in the West but in China it is very well considered and has terminals with cutting-edge technology. This brand was the first to present in the market a functional terminal with fingerprint reader on the screen as we could see in CES 2018, now it seems that it surprises us with its new Vivo Xplay7 terminal that has 10 GB of RAM, without doubt a marketing strategy that seems to be working because of the impact it gets.

Vivo Xplay7 d01

The new Vivo XPlay7 phone has been filtered in several Chinese media and it really looks like it will face many top-of-the-range phones that we will soon see at MWC 2018. The most innovative point is without a doubt the integrated fingerprint reader on the their 4K screen, a reader that seems quite fast despite having in the middle various hardware layers. Now that it seems that facial unlocking are in fashion, this solution seems ideal for those who want maximum screen area (92.2%) and do not want to look at the mobile to access the device.

The other specifications of the Vive XPlay7 are not far behind as we have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and will integrate 10 GB of RAM memory, a figure that many of us do not even have on our desktop PC. Also according to the leaks we have a 4x optical zoom camera and storage options to choose between 256 GB and 512 GB. To all this we must add an ultra compact and careful design, if you have ever been able to touch a mobile Vivo high-end you will know that they are high tier products, what remains to see is the price that certainly will not be low.

vivo xplay 7 r


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