VONTAR C1 an easy way to cool your Android TV BOX

Excessive heating is one of the main problems that we can encounter in a cheap TV-Box and the VONTAR C1 tries to solve it.

Excess heat in many TV-Boxes is one of the main sources of restarts or slowdowns of the system, and many of these devices lack heat sinks on the processor of minimum size or plastic boxes with minimal ventilation slits.

The Vontar C1 is nothing more than an external fan on which we will place the TV-box and in this way we will cool it thanks to the extra air flow.


VONTAR C1 specifications

The VONTAR C1 fan includes a 80mm diameter fan with a speed of 200RPM and achieves an airflow of 19CFM. For power, we have a 30 cm long USB connector cable, so we can surely power it from the TV-Box itself without problems.

The fan is raised from the surface by means of 4 small legs and has a really low noise level of only 25 dB. As you can see, it is a really simple product, but it can easily lower the temperature of any TV-Box between 10 and 15 degrees.

Price and availability

VONTAR C1 ventilador

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