Windows 10 S, dead at birth. It will remain as an optional mode

It seems that the future of the Windows 10 S system is quite black and if a few months ago it was commented that possibly it would be left alone in an optional security mode now looks like a confirmation, this system that limits the use of applications only to those that we can download from the Microsoft Store . It seems clear that Microsoft does not want to repeat the Windows RT error with different versions of their system, as we saw in the MWC 2018 all laptops with ARM processors had by default with Windows 10 Pro.

microsoft windows 10 s d01

The Windows 10 S system was born as an alternative to the Chrome OS notebook environment, these products currently dominate the US market thanks to their integration in the educational system and at very competitive prices, although worldwide Windows on laptops is well above the Google system. The idea of ​​Windows 10 S seemed fine to compete with Chrome OS but the reception of the market has not been good and users when buying a Windows device hope to use their device with full functionality.

According to indicated Joe Belfiore of Microsoft, it is expected that next year the system Windows 10 S will be an optional security mode for schools and businesses where you want to control the application environment. It remains to be seen what happens with the current system with Windows 10 S installed by default and what happens with respect to the $49 rate that was to be implemented to activate Windows 10 S on devices that already had Windows 10 Pro installed, without a doubt an expensive option that nobody is demanding.

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