Install Windows drivers and detect our PC hardware in a simple way

We offer you this guide to install or update Windows drivers in a simple way if we do not have the manufacturer’s drivers on their website or perhaps because our PC is already very old.

There are several ways to make life easier with the drivers installation without having to do anything special or have technical knowledge of hardware. Using the applications that we indicate and with a little common sense we can find even the most problematic driver.

Windows drivers install

Drivers installation and update

To fix driver problems the first thing we have to do if we have installed a new version of Windows on our PC is to get connected to the internet, for this we will need to detect what network hardware we have either wifi or Ethernet if Windows has not done it automatically.

Snappy (Recommended)

Thanks to Snappy (Snappy Driver Installer) software we can easily install any driver without any technical knowledge. We only have to launch the app and follow the steps, we recommend only downloading the indexes of the drivers if the PC where we are going to install them already has internet access. If you want to use it on a PC without internet you have to use the full version.

  • Download SDI Lite if the PC has internet access.
  • Download SDI Full if the PC that needs drivers does not have internet.
  • Start and accept network access permissions.
  • When running it does not allow several options:
    – Download all drivers: Only if we need to work without network.
    – Download only network drivers: If we have problems only with some network adapter.
    – Download only indexes: RECOMMENDED option, this way only the necessary drivers will be downloaded.
  • Wait for it to finish scanning, click Select all and then Install.


DriverPack Solution

This free software DriverPack Solution automatically detects and installs most drivers that may be missing on our PC, we have a light version that downloads only the necessary drivers or a full version that occupies 10 GB in case we can not connect to the internet with our device. As it is a free software it tries to install some promotional software so be aware of what is added in our PC, otherwise it does not have any difficulty when using it.

DriverPack Solution


The DriverEasy application in its free version is fully functional, the only drawback is that it limits downloads to 30Kb/s and that we will have to install some drivers by hand. However, it detects and downloads the right drivers very efficiently.

  • So we go to the DriverEasy website, download the application and install it.


Hardware detection


To know what hardware we have in our PC one of the most effective free applications for this purpose is HWinfo which is also Freeware so we will not have licensing problems or find a cut version. We download the appropriate version for our Windows either 32 or 64bits and we execute it.

We have two windows with information the one of the summary of the system where we see the CPU and GPU with some more information and the window where they leave all our components, here we will look at the network devices. We write down the necessary data or we save them in a Report in HTML and we look for that drivers in Internet, we install the drivers and we connect with Internet.

hwinfo drivers windows

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