Winlator 7.1. New version with improvements and upgrades

We already have available a new version of Winlator emulator, a system to play PC games on Android in a simple way.

In this version, the emulator cores have been updated and important performance improvements have been added. A system that allows us to run to some extent Windows games on our mobile, tablet or TV-Box. As we know, performance is somewhat limited and we need a fairly powerful (and expensive) hardware to have a decent performance in demanding 3D games, but in simple or indie games can go very well.

winlator emulator

Download and installation of Winlator 7.1

To update Winlator we just need to download the new APK and reinstall it over the current version we have installed on our system.

Download Winlator 7.1

List of changes in Winlator 7.1

  • Improved audio plugin (ALSA)
  • Fixed audio in some applications
  • Updated Mesa Turnip
  • Updated Startup Selection on container settings
  • Updated Box86/Box64
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
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