Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker the cheap sound bar from Xiaomi

Xiaomi already has a new gadget ready for our pockets, it is the Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker a sound bar to connect to our TV where we can have a TV-Box or mini PC connected but we can also synchronize it with any of our devices that have Bluetooth connectivity like any Smartphone. This sound bar has a minimalist design typical of this great oriental brand and can be installed either fixed on the wall or supported on any piece of furniture.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker includes 8 hidden speakers on the front and protected by the typical cloth grid, 4 are bass speakers, 2 are media speakers and finally there are 2 other tremble speakers. At the level of connectivity, the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker includes Bluetooth connectivity and integrates an SPDIF port, a audio jack and finally three RCA connectors. It also has a separate power jack and an ignition switch.

  • The sound bar Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker can be purchased at Gearbest.com for $124.99 using the discount code GBXMBTSP although shipments will not start until early May. It is expected that this sound bar continues with the excellent value for money that this brand usually gives us.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Barra de sonido

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