Xiaomi Mi Box S is updated to Android TV 9 Pie Beta0 and Beta1 for the beta testers

The Xiaomi Mi Box S model has started to be updated with the latest Android TV 9 Pie version, an update that is currently only available in its beta0 and beta1 versions for the beta tester channel, in the future it will be released for all users in the channel public. Interesting options have been added such as writing to USB drives, USB audio, new settings menus, extra audio options and screen capture, but it also has problems with Chromecast.

xiaomi mi box remote d01

The beta0 OTA update with build number PI.2205 is currently being distributed only in the Xiaomi Mi Box S model and may not yet appear on all devices that are in the beta tester channel. As we can see in the list of changes, it surprises us with new audio settings with SPDIF selector and Dolby Digital Plus. We also have the Amazon Prime Video 4.13.4 installed in the system as standard, which works without the compatibility problems given by 4.13.13.

Xiaomi mi beta9 pie n01

Changelog beta 0

  1. Reading and writing via USB.
  2. New settings menu interface.
  3. Audio via USB.
  4. Special access for apps, such as overlap; Amazon Prime video as system app.
  5. New interface when pressing the volume button.
  6. Screenshot while holding on / off button pressed.
  7. Options to manually select audio formats, such as Dolby Digital plus and AAC.

Changelog beta 1

  1. Fixed on and off front light after suspending.
  2. Fixed automatic language change.
  3. Added Android security patches.

Know problems

  • Chromecast fails
  • Voice control fails
  • Slowness

Xiaomi mi beta9 pie n03

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