Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 more leaks announce their imminent release

Every day we have new leaks that seem to bring a little closer to the future Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet. A product long awaited by users who still enjoy the current Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 that continues to give war.

The new Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 would be presented at an upcoming event along with other products and could have two versions, a Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro with the highest specifications with SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and a cheaper one based on SoC MediaTek Dimensity 1200. It is also possible that we will have two versions differentiated in size with one of 8 inches and another with 10 inches, a strategy that worked well with the Mi Pad 4.

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SoC, RAM and storage

Undoubtedly the most interesting version of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 would be the one that would include the high-end Octa Core SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 made in 7nm that reaches up to 3.2 GHz in one of its ARM Cortex-A77 cores, it has three other Cortex-A77 cores and four low-power Cortex-A55 cores. In the graphics section we would have an Adreno 650 GPU with OpenGL 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1 support.

A SoC that should have a good cooling system to keep temperatures at bay in demanding gaming sessions, something that we do not doubt will be included. We would have versions with 6/8/12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 128/256/512 GB of ultra-fast UFS 3.1 storage expandable via micro SD cards.

Display and other specifications

The screen of the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 5, according to leaked data, could be 11″ very possibly IPS OGS with very reduced frames compared to the Mi Pad 4, would have a resolution of 3200 x 1200 pixels, refresh rate of 144 Hz and touch sampling of 480 Hz. These data are consistent with the specifications of the SoC and with other recently presented products such as the Black Shark 4.

As operating system we will have MIUI based on Android 11 which is the one that is installed by default with this new SoC, but possibly we will have the option to activate the PC mode that we have seen in the presentation of the folding mobile Mi Mix Fold. This tablet will have Wifi 6 adapter, Bluetooth 5 and possibly have versions with 4/5G Modem and Wifi only.

Price and availability

  • The new Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 would theoretically be presented at a conference this April and normally Xiaomi has the hardware available imminently. The price will be high considering these specifications, and we will only have China version initially.

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