Xiaomi Mi Pai a dual stick to clone your screen anywhere

Under the name of Mi Pai has been released in the store Xiaomi Youpin this new dual dongle that allows us to clone our screen, does not require a Wi-Fi network available, so we can use it anywhere.

This new product allows us to duplicate the content of the screen where we connect the sender and send it to the receiver on another screen, a concept that reminds us of the Chormecast but has nothing to do with it, since it only performs that function.

xiaomi mi pai n01

This Xiaomi Mi Pai has two sticks, the transmitter is connected to a USB port and basically performs a real-time video capture that broadcasts over its own Wi-Fi 5G network, the receiver is connected to an HDMI port on the screen where we want to see the captured image. We only have to put the corresponding HDMI input on our screen and press the emitter button to start sharing the screen.

xiaomi mi pai n02

The maximum resolution is FullHD and the refresh rate reaches up to 60fps, the range is 10 meters, as always as it is a streaming over Wi-Fi the video compression can be high and we will also have some delay. It seems an ideal device to make presentations or share basic screen content, to play video content perhaps the quality suffers. It is compatible with Windows 7/10 systems and also macOS 10.10 at least, it is not compatible with Android.

Price and availability

  • Xiaomi Mi Pai for now is not for sale in stores like Aliexpress.com but will appear soon for a price that will be around $55 / €50 (244 Yuan + management of the store that exports). We hope to review it out soon.

xiaomi mi pai n03

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