XIDU a new Laptop Brand with a long history

The best testimony of a long and strong relationship is to create a brand that belongs to the two. XIDU is the crystallization of the love story between its two founders, Mr. Tang and Mrs Zhou. It was established in 2012, but this brand went back to the predecessor of the factory in 2009, to the moment where these two young people met. This couple, eager to create a better future for themselves, resigned from the small companies with great resolution and began to start their own business.

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In the early days of their venture, they produced casings of laptops for other brands and sometimes they even had to deliver goods taking a crowded bus. However, the two people survived this difficult period with each other’s unconditional support and even got orders from big brands such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. Step by step, they took the lead in the industry and established long-term strategic partnership with many big brands. However, Mr. Tang and Mrs Zhou, who have already become excellent leaders in the industry, never forgot the hardships they went through when starting the business. They are easygoing and always get along well with the frontline employees. In a conversation with young employees at the factory, they heard complaints that young people always wanted a laptop of their own, but they couldn’t find an affordable and good laptop. It was at that time that the couple came up with this idea: Why don’t we produce a laptop that has high performance but doesn’t exceed the financial ability of young people? Thus, XIDU, this brand of notebooks targeted for young people came into being.

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Although it is a rising star in the industry, XIDU has accumulated a lot of experience in R&D and production of notebooks from contract manufacturing in the past. The couple has collected the demands of many young people: they want a laptop that is cost-effective, portable, versatile and good-looking. Centering on these core demands, XIDU overcame all kinds of technical problems and finally made the first laptop that amazed all the young people in the factory. Moreover, as an original equipment manufacturer for some famous brands like Surface of Microsoft and YOGA of Lenovo, XIDU uses the same equipment and mold with big brands. As a result, the laptops of XIDU have the DNA of famous brands. Being impeccable in craftsmanship and design, the products of XIDU are well received by many customers overseas and attracted a great number of loyal fans.




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