XIDU Wants to Energize Your Life at Home with new projector series, PhilBeam.

XIDU used to know as a 2in1 laptop brand. Early this year, they launched some laptop accessories to expand the possibilities. Right now, they are upgrading their brand to household appliances; however, their vision stays identical, to provide the technological devices reinvented through fashion. This time, XIDU is aiming to energize your life at home. Introduce a new projector line, the XIDU PhilBeam series, the home theater systems that entertaining you and the family with one device. Visit the XIDU store and XIDU Aliexpress Official store to enjoy the super early bird offer.

PhilBeam n01

PhilBeam P2: Greatness is on your vision.

PhilBeam P2, entertain your life, decorate your room. The most versatile and easiest to use true FHD home projector from XIDU. This model is designed for home entertainment with no more lugging around a bulky projector. With the PhilBeam P2, simply put it in the position, and adjust to any angle you need, and then adjust the keystone with it! For streaming and mirroring, iPhones can use AirPlay and Andriod could use the built-in mirroring features too. If you are looking for something that can deliver a quality image, this would be your best choice. It does not take up much space and does not weigh too much. The price starts from $136.8 here

PhilBeam n02

PhilBeam P7: Making the little moments bigger and Clearer

Meet PhilBeam P7, as smart home projector packed with 1080p, wifi, bluetooth, Android 9.0 and all the necessary feastures. No more limits, no more hassle. No more choosing portability and screen size or picture quality. PhilBeam P7 has all the bases covered. The best 1080p projector in its size. With the built-in Android 9.0, you can watch TV, surf the web, download stuff and even use applications while away from home. Enjoy 30% OFF of the super ealy bird deal from XIDU.

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PhilBeam P1: Your next TV shall not be a TV. 

The best-LED projector you can find in the market. The LED of PhilBeam P1 brings longer lifespan-40000 hours here, and you can tweak the keystone and focus manually. The dual built-in speaker design provides a decent stereo sound quality. In the meantime, PhilBeam P1 contains screen mirroring and an Android system. So with connecting to the WIFI, your home theater system is ready for you. On the back, there are two HDMI sockets, two USB connections, and an audio socket, which is completely enough for all kinds of connections.

For those who care about the specs, the PhilBeam P1 equipped quad-core, MSDV53+RK3036 processor plus 16GB of internal storage. As you might have guessed, you also get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. So streaming and mirroring is a go-to option. If you are looking for a professional entertainment setup, this is your best choice. PhilBeam P1, 40% off with for the super early bird access here.

PhilBeam n04

All of the XIDU PhilBeam series support Dolby Atoms effect, all those models pakced some seriouly powerful brightness and FHD resolution. Hollywood is coming to your living room. PhilBeam series can save you the trouble of finding space somewhere in a cramped apartment for a TV or a gaming room set up in your basement. XIDU announced three models that support LCD projector technology, with configurations that cover all different needs, keeping your gaming or cinema experience uninterrupted. XIDU will annouce more projectors later that covers all different needs and all price ranges. Please check XIDU Aliexpress store to enjoy new lauching deal, you can also find these models at XIDU official store

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