XIDU Tour Pro, details of this 12’5-inch Touch Screen

12.5 Process Highlights


  • Metallic texture, exquisite and well-proportioned color coating, superior quality, almost the same surface as Apple laptop.

Surface Process

  • Exquisite and complete micro-arc cutting, well-proportioned details and modest luxury. Foursquare tough design which shows mature temperament. Perfect for businessmen who like simple design.

  • Sublime and deluxe surface, yet exquisite and extravagant in a low profile. Without excess elements, represent great uniformity and excellent process. The same surface process as Apple, relatively presentable.

  • Keep the lightweight design of MacBook Air and show the decorous feeling of MacBook Pro. Greatly attract consumers who are fond of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Keyboard Details

  • Harder keyboard touch feeling, 2mm key distance, require slight force, great for long-time typing.

  • Exquisite surface control, full-keyboard design, maximize the comfortable feeling, outstanding border design, no redundant space.

Back Surface

  • The back surface puts extra emphasis on functionality. Parts such as fan, copper pipe, speaker, SSD replacement and spindle are all exposed at the base. The upper and lower support adhesive tapes play a significant role in the heat dissipation
  • Leading design ideas

Port Details

  • 1 USB3.0 port, 1 Type-C port and 1 microSD card interface
  • Charging interface: DC 3.5mm
  • USB and Type-C, support extended video output
  • Connect the RJ-45 to the local broadband line and extended USB or Type-C.

Screen Details

  • Excellent 4.2mm screen borders: better than 4.3-4.5mm adopted by Lenovo (please note that even 0.1mm breakthrough is commendable after it reaches the limit).
  • Unique display and screen touch TP increase difficulty.
  • Extraordinarily control the whole thickness and show exquisite process after adding TP.

The Whole Process

  • The body size: 290*210*15.2mm (smaller than A4 page)
  • To meet the target, we compact its body and customize all hardware again such as mainboard and battery. We also make great attempts to make room for all hardware.
  • In addition to the design of fan and copper pipe, we are the only company who keeps the size and thickness well.
  • Refined craftsmanship spirit enables us to accomplish such extremely difficult design. It also represents that we have the capability to manufacture the best laptops.
  • Compared with other laptops under $500, it stands out.

Function Parameters

CPUThe 8th-gene 3867 Kaby Lake R Dual Core Dual Thread 15W 14nm 1.8GHzSensor3-axi G-sensor
GPUGraphics 610   300-900MHZBattery5000mAh  7.6V 4-6h duration
RAM8GB LPDDR3Input PowerDC3.5 port   19V/2.1A
ROM128G M.2 SATA 2280TF Card Interface1*micro SD card up to 128G
Expandable SSD1T SSD M.2 SATA 2280
Camera1MFlip Angle180°
SpeakerDual Speaker: 8R/1W*2MicrophoneBuilt-in microphone
WIFIWIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
PortDC3.5 TYPE-C*1,USB3.0*1,audio 3.5mm
Bluetooth BT4.2Heat1 fan + 1 copper pipe
EthernetNo ports, support USB to EthernetPower Consumption TDP15W
Screen Size12.5-inch   16:9KeyboardBacklit Keyboard
Screen Resolution Ratio2560*1440Fingerprint IdentificationYes
Screen Touch TechnologyGFF, 10-finger TouchThe Overall Laptop Size290mm*210mm*15mm

Selling Points of Functionality

Can expand to SSD SATA M.2 2280 up to 1TB

Theoretically, fan and copper pipe offer strong heat dissipation function, avoiding overheating incurred by the limited performance of processor. Stable performance is guaranteed.

Selling Points of Functionality

  1. 0.2-second fast fingerprint identification speed; support input fingerprints up to 5.
  2. Backlit Keyboard makes you not bother others at night.
  3. 2.5k screen resolution ratio offers better video playing experience, as well as fine image and video details.
  4. 180° viewing mode improves experience. It is also suitable for presentation (persons sitting face to face can share one screen).

Product Comparison

Tour Pro

$409.99  290mm*210mm*15.2mm  Backlit Keyboard  Narrow Border  2560*1440   8+128

ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip 12.5-inch

$ 420  304.8*210.8*13.7mm  No Backlit Keyboard Thick border causes that the length exceeds 14mm 1920*1080    4+64

Product Comparison

Tour Pro 12.5

$399.99  290mm*210mm*15.2mm  Backlit Keyboard  Narrow Border 2560*1440   8+128 Google Pixelbook 12.3

$ 949 289.56*220*11.2mm No Backlit Keyboard Thick Border 2400*1600    8+128

Product Comparison

Tour Pro 12.5

$409.99  290mm*210mm*15.2mm  Backlit Keyboard  2560*1440   8+128  Bluetooth 4.2  2018 Lenovo Yoga 720 12.5″

$ 599  292*203*15.2mm No Backlit Keyboard 1920*1080  4+128  Bluetooth 4.1

Product Comparison

Tour Pro 12.5

$399.99  290mm*210mm*15.2mm  Backlit Keyboard  2560*1440   8+128  Support wifi802.11a/b/g/n/ac

HP 2-in-1 12.3″

$ 460  292*210*7.62mm  Thick Screen Border No Backlit Keyboard  2400*1600    4+32emmc  Support wifi802.11b/g

Product Comparison

Tour Pro 12.5

$409.99  290mm*210mm*15.2mm Narrow Border  Backlit Keyboard 2560*1440   8+128 1.25kg

Apple MacBook   12″

$ 1,199.00  280.5*196.5*(3.5-13.1)mm  Thick Border  Backlit Keyboard   0.92kg

Product Comparison

Tour Pro 12.5

$399.99 290mm*210mm*15.2mm, Narrow Border, Backlit Keyboard, 2560*1440, 8+128, 1.25kg

Samsung XE510C25-K01US 12.3

$439  Backlit Keyboard 2400×1600   4+32emmc 1.09kg

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