XIDU is launching new product line with major upgrade on Tour Pro and PhilBook Y13

The brand XIDU has launched a new upgrade for his flagship model PhilBook Y13 and an updated in stunning rose gold colors for the laptop Tour Pro. New options for all their customers already available.

With a good price-performance ratio and fashion design, the PhilBook Y13 was out of stock within a week since it goes online. Moreover, the rose gold Tour Pro also runs out fast. According to the latest news from the XIDU team, their engineering department is upgrading these two flagship models with the latest 10th and 11th generation CPU from Intel.

xidu tour pro n01

One of the flagship devices Tour Pro is still in stock right now. Tour Pro armed with a 2.5K high-resolution screen from Sharp, weighted at 1.23kg and screen size at 12.5 inches, as portable as you are carrying nothing.

You can barely feel the weight when you take it along. With a full-featured Type-C that supports power delivery, data transfer, and display port, people can reach a wide range of office settings and a maximum of four external displays. A connection to a Type-C multi-ports hub, which XIDU will launch next in May, will achieve these features without any problems. Get the Tour Pro now, while it is still available.

xidu tour pro n02

XIDU never stop their steps to broaden its product line. Last year, they announced a new mini PC, PhilMac. This year, they are planing to launch more laptop accessories, such as laptop stand, Multi-ports hub, external cable, and more to expect!.

The first laptop stand, PhilStand, from XIDU is online now. The laptop stand will level up your eye, which is vertical to the laptop screen, and your neck pain will be eased with this feature. With five adjusted angles, you should find a desired angle that fits your requirement. In the mean time, it also very fordable ans portable. The super early bird access of PhilStand is now available at XIDU AliExpress Store and XIDU official store  starts from $12.49!

xidu tour pro n03

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