YouTube returns to Fire TV and Prime Video will be compatible with Chromecast and Android TV

After years of disputes where Amazon withdrew from its online store all the devices of its rival and Google cut the tap of the YouTube app for Fire TV devices it seems that we will soon return to normal. This new announcement comes just when we have a lot more competition in the streaming sector where Amazon and Google are not reaping all the benefits they should and that with this alliance try to recover some common territory.

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First we will have back the official YouTube app for Fire TV devices such as TV-Stick and Smart TV with resolution up to 4K@60fps, something that will simplify the life of its users although there were alternatives. On the other hand we will also have available the Amazon Prime Video app officially on all Android TV devices (for now it was only in some) and we will also have Chromecast option in the new version for the Amazon Prime Video app to send the content to devices with this integrated system, something that will improve using this system in models such as the extended Xiaomi Mi Box.

For now we do not have a specific date for the landing but we should not take long to see these developments. For the YouTube app you just have to put it back in the Amazon app store and in the case of Amazon Prime Video for Android TV it may take a little longer given the number of devices and updates to distribute. We will keep you informed with the news.

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