ZIDOO UHD2000 a new high-end media player 4K presented

We already have the first details of a new high-end 4K mediaplayer from Zidoo, a manufacturer that seems to be reaping successes in this high-end range lately, judging from its constant news. The ZIDOO UHD2000 is the new addition to the catalog of this brand that is presented as its new flagship for the next months that emphasizes especially in the section of audio and that externally is a carbon copy of the Zidoo Z1000.

UHD2000 zidoo 4KThe innovations in the ZIDOO UHD2000 are inside which will incorporate different audio-level improvements with an XMOS chipset to intercommunicate its DAC ES9038PRO SABRE, capable of decoding the DSD format, with the SoC. There are also new features in its linear power module that make it more stable and others that we still do not know. Surely the ZIDOO UHD2000 SoC will remain the Quad Core Realtek RTD1296DD that includes support for H.265 / VP9 codecs and capable of playing video up to resolutions 4K UHD 60fps with HDR and 10bit color support. The rest of its specifications are to be known, but it does not seem that they will vary much from those of the Zidoo Z1000.

Price and availability

  • At the moment we do not have details of price for the new media player ZIDOO UHD2000, will be in the stores this June.

zidoo UHD2000

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