Amazon will launch a free Streaming service with ads

Amazon continues to develop its streaming platform and is scheduled for this week the presentation of a new streaming service completely free but with ads. A new service totally differentiated from its Amazon Prime Video and intended, in principle, to the users of its streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV and which seems to be only available for the moment in the US. This new service is developed by the IMDb company and for now there is no information about the availability of this service in Europe or other regions.

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With this new movement Amazon aims to both expand its customer base and cast networks to the succulent market of TV ads, a interesting platform for the companies searching for audiences because this services are increase day by day the number of users. Streaming, compared to traditional TV, allows differentiated advertisements for each customer thanks to the data collected in the cookies and therefore this ads win greater effectiveness.

Following in the US market, Roku has already offered a free channel with advertisements, similar to the one Amazon will present for the owners of its equipment, although few weeks ago it can be viewed in open from any web browser from any device.

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