Android TV Home the new launcher for Android TV Oreo available

Is available to download the new Android TV Home launcher for devices compatible with Android TV Oreo, a system that is currently is not very extended as it will be released on SmartTV models this year for compatible brands such as Sony, Panasonic and Hisense. It is expected that TV-Box models such as NVidia Shield TV or perhaps the Xiaomi Mi TV Box can be updated to this system and see the new Android TV Home environment in their screens.

android tv home oreo d01

As we saw in the Google I/O in May 2017 this is a total renovation and the philosophy of use is changed significantly, now each row is an app and the contents of that App are shown to us in this row. For example, if we have Netflix in the row of the app we will see the different highlighted contents of that service, we will also have dynamic preview of the contents and the background color of the screen will change with respect to the selection. These rows of channels can be customized by ordering and prioritizing their position.

Within a general menu of apps we still have access to all the apps that we have installed but on the main screen we will only see the main rows with the contents associated with each app. As we see a design that tends to simplicity and also relies entirely on Google Assistant to manage the contents by voice. If we have a device with Android TV Oreo we can use the download links indicated below, we have the Android TV Home launcher itself and the Android TV Core Services app that helps the launcher to capture content from the apps that we have installed. We will see if the popularity of this system increases on the users.

android tv home oreo n01

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I have 4 shields in my house and was happy until OREO installed. It is the ugliest launcher I have ever seen; and a tremendous step backwards.


Yes… is very very… ugly.
But now you have the streamings directly in each service row.. the “channels”, some people like this concept.