Atari VCS can be pre-order this May 30 in Indiegogo

The console with retro inspiration Atari VCS continues its way to the markets and as usual it will start its journey exclusively in the well-known portal of microfinancing Indiegogo. It will be on this platform where the next May 30 may be reserved at a price of $199 in its cheapest version, the bare console in its most basic version. We will also have other console packs available with the classic Atari Joystick and / or a more modern gamepad. Those who reserve this console will have to be patient because it is not expected to be available until the spring of 2019, almost nothing.

Atari CVS

The Atari VCS console is actually a mini PC that will mount a custom version of an AMD Ryzen APU with support for resolutions 4K to 60fps with HDR and will include Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 and USB 3.0 ports. It seems that the operating system will be Linux and will include 100 classic Atari games and a variety of current games, although these, like their hardware, will be announced soon through the usual channels.

  • We hope to have the full details of the Atari VCS coming soon, a project that does not seem to have a great future beyond Indiegogo, as we say in the background it is nothing more than a mini PC.

Atari VCS pre d01

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