Atari VCS launches its financing campaign with great success

We already have the new Atari VCS console available, a team that at the design level is halfway between the retro and the modern. This new Atari hardware is actually a mini PC with an AMD APU that runs the Linux operating system aimed at a playful use. The firm offers development and ecosystem tools for it so that different companies present compatible titles. For now, its funding campaign is a success and it seems that it is windy in the near future, we will see in the long term how its gaming platform works.

Atari VCS pre d01

Processor, RAM and storage

Within the we find an AMD APU based on processors Bristol Ridge A1 with four cores that integrates a Radeon R7 GPU. A processor of 2016 manufactured in 28nm quite warm, so it is possible will be a custom version, the exact speed is not specified but surely does not exceed the 3GHz, the consumption will be about 35W TPD.

The RAM integrated into the board is 4 GB DDR4 while at the storage level we have 32 GB of eMMC memory, the operating system installed is a modification of Ubuntu Linux that fortunately will not occupy as much as Windows so we may be enough internal space available.

Atari VCS sale n01

Connectivity and other specifications

Atari VCS in terms of wireless connectivity has dual band WiFi with internal antenna and Bluetooth 5.0. At the port level we have four USB 3.0 ports, micro SD card reader, HDMI 2.0 video output with HDCP 2.2, Gigabit Ethernet network connector. On the front that can be made of wood or black we have four integrated digital microphones to give voice commands or use them for live broadcast with the integrated system.

Price and availability

  • Atari VCS can booked at for a price of $199 plus customs charges outside the EEUU.
  • The classic controller is priced at $29 and the official gamepad is $49, although we can use any PC gamepad.

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