Banggood with the best deals for the Black Friday (Updated)

After the hangover of 11.11 we have with us the first offers for the Black Friday 2018 to be held on November 23 and one of the first stores to turn on his engine is Within these offers we have the usual discount coupons for a large selection of products and promotions in products of the leading brands. As always, we recommend comparing prices before buying and not getting carried away by  our impulses.

The calendar of offers for Black Friday at is extensive and as we see it goes until Saturday 14, so we have plenty of time to spend the special coupon BGBlack6% that is made available to all users. At first we have a coupon of $ 10, then special offers in the Banggood app and the last few days we have lots of gifts.

Every day at 10:00 (UTC+8) we have special offers in a selection of products and so we can see the prices are good in some of them, so it is worth comparing them if we are interested in any. In addition to these options we also have selection by categories and brands such as Xiaomi with a large selection of models. Undoubtedly some very advanced offers to the key day of Black Friday but that may have some interesting surprise.

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