Play to win big discounts with Coupon Pals on Aliexpress


The Aliexpress 2020 anniversary will be celebrated next week and this great online store is already warming up its engines for this important promotion in which this year we will have unprecedented discounts. To heat this event, Aliexpress has launched the Coupon Pals promotion through its APP, a small game where we can get discount coupons valid for 3 days and in which we can try our luck every 12 hours. To vary this game is only valid for users with at least one previous purchase.

Access to Coupon Pals can be found in the AliExpress app, if is not shown put down the screen to update the content, the icon will appear on the right. The maximum direct coupon obtained in Cuponmania is 1$ / €0.87 valid for purchases of $2 / €1.75 or higher. However, we can multiply the value of this discount coupon by sharing it with our friends on aliexpress through the same APP.

The dynamics of the game is simple, we just have to press the button as many times you can for 10 seconds to get a coupon, the more times we press the button the greater the discount coupon will be. Once the coupon is won, we have 2 options: redeem it or invite 3 friends to play to double the discount.

  • Access the Coupon Pals discount from the special website for this promotion or look for the icon in the app.
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