DUNE HD Pro 4K II, ZIDOO X and Z9X will premieres the Realtek RTD1619DR SoC

Soon we will have new Android TV-Boxes for sale with the Realtek RTD1619DR processor, a SoC that updates the current family of Realtek chips by adding more power and new features in the video and audio section. Without a doubt Realtek is far above in this aspect as a multimedia content player compared to its rivals Amlogic, Rockchip or Allwinner; As a direct rival it has only Himedia but this brand seems quite asleep.

zidoo x RTD1619 n02

Realtek RTD1619DR

The new Realtek RTD1619DR SoC is an evolution of the RTD1395 which now features six ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores that upgrades the previous Cortex-A53. The improvements also come to the graphics section with a Mali-G51 GPU without specifying its number of shader cores that can go from 1 to 6. This processor that would be very similar to the Amlogic S905X3 that we have seen in infinity TV-Boxes lately. As an operating system we have Android 9, a positive point of departure, although as we know Realtek does not evolve much in its Android versions. As for video and audio playback we have support for the most modern formats although it lacks AV1 and we also have good connectivity options.

  • Video Codecs: VP9 profile 2 / HDR / HDR10 + / Dolby Vision * (* depends on licenses) / Automatic refresh rate change.
  • Audio Codecs: Dolby ATMOS / DTS: X / DTS-HD MA / Dolby True-HD
  • Connectivity: HDMI 2.0b out / HDMI 2.0a in / USB 3.0 / SATA / Gigabit Ethernet

soc realtek RTD1619 n02

Dune HD Pro 4K II

With the name of Dune HD Pro 4K II we have the new model of this brand specialized in high-level multimedia playback. This device has the base specifications of the Realtek RTD1619DR SoC that we have listed in the previous section, it also has a dual Android 9 + Linux system that separates the use of the app on the one hand and multimedia playback on the other. It has 4GB of DDR4 RAM, 32GB internal storage expandable by microSD or by its SATA drive and Wifi ac 2×2 MIMO. Its software supports all kinds of DVD, BD-ISO, BD-J, BD4K, BD3D files.

Dune HD Pro 4K II RTD1619 n01


A similar Android TV-Box will be the ZIDOO Z9X, a player that follows in the wake of its previous version Z9 but with the new Realtek RTD1619DR SoC. As a system we will also have Android 9 + Linux for playback, it has 2GB of DDR4 RAM and an internal storage of 16GB expandable by microSD or by its SATA side connector. As we can see very similar to the Dune model, let’s hope they compete on price.

  • The ZIDOO Z9X is not yet for sale but its price will be around  215$/200€ in Amazon.

zidoo z9s RTD1619 n02


The top of the range with this new Realtek RTD1619DR SoC will undoubtedly be the next ZIDOO X presented at IFA 2019, a TV-Box that integrates in the same box a high-level multimedia player with a signal amplifier. It stands out its metal case and the front with a 5″ OLED integrated touch screen. We also have a dual system and it also has a dual Android 9 + Linux system, it has 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 32GB internal storage, it allows you to connect a SATA disk or SATA DVD / BD drive At the back we have two external antennas for your Wifi ac 2×2 MIMO adapter and connector for 12V 3A power source.

  • The ZIDOO X is not yet for sale but its price will be around 1100$/1000€.
  • 5-inch ultra-large OLED touch display, support for on-screen and different-screen display
  • 4K HEVC /H.265 12Bit BT.2020 and 4: 4: 4 color space
  • support Dolby Vision / HDR 10 + / HDR10 high dynamic range image
  • New XMOS + AKM4497 audio decoding solution, hardware decoding and playback of DSD and MQA formats.
  • Dual femtosecond-level high-precision temperature-compensated clock crystals, supporting two-channel DSD 512 and PCM 768KHz for more accurate audio decoding. @ 32bit Hardware decoding
  • Support full format lossless music format and CUE split track playback
  • Support Roon Ready playback management software, pure music digital playback mode
  • Built-in Qualcomm Bluetooth flagship CSR8765, support Bluetooth lossless transmission protocol LDAC and AptX HD
  • Built-in high-performance headphone power amplifier and front Class Amplifier
  • Supports XLR / RCA pre-stage output and 6.35 / 4.4 balanced headphone output.
  • Customized dual-loop cow linear power supply provides more pure and powerful power for digital circuits and analog circuits, respectively.
  • Supports HTTP / RS232 / mobile phone APP / TRIGGER (trigger) control machine.
  • New customized control method with large screen (knob, one-button shuttle and touch screen)

zidoo x RTD1619 n01

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this is a mistake …….the zidoo z9s have Realtek RTD1296DD and not the new Realtek RTD1619DR.
maybe the new zidoo Z9X have the Realtek RTD1619DR but it is not issued yet.

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