GameSir X2 Pro, new mobile controller designed for Gamepass

With the name GameSir X2 Pro we have a new Gamepad to use with our mobile, a controller designed in conjunction with Microsoft to be the perfect ally of our Gamepass Ultimame.

Along with the Gamepad we have a free month of Gamepass Ultimate to get all the juice to the most demanding PC games on our mobile. Thanks to the game streaming technology offered by the Microsoft Cloud system, it is possible to play anywhere without problems, we will have minimum latency and maximum compatibility with all titles.

GameSir X2 Pro

GameSir X2 Pro Specifications

The design of the GameSir X2 Pro allows us to use it in any mobile comfortably, it has a flexible USB-C connector to have at all times a maximum speed with our terminal. The design is quite classic compared to a conventional Gamepad, we have two analog controllers, directional pad, rear triggers and customizable button panel that allows you to modify its design. The back of the controller is curved to improve its ergonomics and make it more comfortable during gaming sessions.

Cloud gaming

The GameSir X2 Pro system supports cloud gaming on Xbox Remote Play, Steam Link, Rainway, GeForce NOW, Luna and Moonlight services, so we cover all fronts. In addition, by default we have a code to play one Gamepass Ultimate month for free, so we can play all the games of this service and those of our PC anywhere with optimal quality.

Price and availability

  • The GameSir X2 Pro with one month of Gamepass Ultimate can be purchased at Geekbuying for only $79.99.
  • We have 8% discounts for Europe with the code GAMESIRX2PRO.
  • Also a 10% discount from China with the code GAMEX2PRO10.

GameSir X2 Pro gamepad

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