Godeal24 Discount Notice: Genuine Office 2021 Starts at $13.05 and Win10/11 at Best Price!

It is hard to imagine that you can buy Office 2021 Pro, originally priced at $439.99, for as little as $13.05. Godeal24 gives you cheap and popular office software.

Not only is there a version for the Windows OS, but the Office 2021 Home and Business version for the MAC system is also a special price promotion. Godeal24 is an online store that sells Microsoft products and other computer software and gaming software, they know where each licence comes from, so you can buy with confidence that every product is genuine and without the risk of piracy. The licence you buy from Godeal24 is not limited by subscription, the license is “for life” and you have unlimited access: the software will last during its life and be updated and supported on a regular basis.

godeal24 office key

Limited Time Sale: Genuine MS Office 2021 from $13.05!

As a mature, stable, and feature-rich operating system, Windows 10 is still the preferred OS for most users. Buy Windows 10 Pro now for as low as $6.12 per PC at Godeal24! Upgrade to Windows 11 to instantly experience the AI features brought by the new version of Bing, and significantly, Windows 10 can now be upgraded to Windows 11 for free!

Limited Time Sale: Genuine Windows 10 and Windows 11 at the best price!

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What is OEM license? Why OEM?

Many users are very excited about the low price offered by Godeal24, but question why the price is so low? More importantly, is this true? You can rest assured that this is the real deal because the licenses sold by Godeal24 are OEM licences.

These are licenses that are usually sold to computer manufacturers so that they can buy Windows more cheaply to install on their mass-produced computers. The downside of an OEM license is that it’s usually tied to the motherboard, so once activated, it’s difficult to transfer the license to another PC.

Thankfully, Godeal24 sells its OEM licences so cheaply that if you do move your PC or need another license, you can just buy another copy, and it’s still cheaper than paying the retail price.

Godeal24 promises that the products it sells are 100% genuine. After a successful purchase from Godeal24, go to the official website of the software to download, use the license activation code provided by Godeal24, and activate the software to use it. So there is no need to worry about the security of the software. Secondly, if you encounter any problems in the process of installing and using the software, you can contact Godal24’s 24/7 technical support team, they will solve any problems for you, and Godeal24 promises to provide lifetime After-sales service! Let you use the software without any problems.

Contact Godeal24: service@godeal24.com

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