New Intel Comet Lake 10th generation low-power processors

A few days ago the new generation of Intel Comet Lake processors was presented, which seems to be the last we will see in 14nm, waiting for the Intel Ice Lake made in 10nm. These processors improve core speeds compared to the previous Coffee Lake, provide us with Wifi 6, Thunderbolt 3 compatibility and a considerable increase in the number of threads focused on those that require computing power in their laptops.

Intel Comet Lake pre n03

As we can see, we are facing quite continuist products and the Comet Lake only represent a refreshment compared to the previous Coffee Lake, unless we are very interested in their new specifications. We continue with processors manufactured in 14nm that have two variants, the classic family of low consumption U that is located in the 15 / 25W TPD and on the other hand the family Y of very low consumption that has a consumption of 4.5 / 7 / 9W TPD.

Intel Comet Lake pre n02

It should be noted that apart from the additions of Wifi 6 and Thunderbolt 3 connectors, we continue with HDMI 1.4 as video output, something quite sad today and that limits using these processors as 4K HDR media players. The main brands of laptops such as HP, Dell, Lenovo or MSI replacing the previous products for the new school year. In short, an interesting new generation in some specific aspects but excessively continuous, we will see if they soon jump into the miniPC sector and if any manufacturer is encouraged by adding HDMI 2.0.

Intel Comet Lake pre n01

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