KERUI, mini smart surveillance camera TUYA compatible

With summer at the gates, many people consider installing a video surveillance system and in AliExpress we have the KERUI camcorder suitable for a cheap installation.

A really cheap Wi-Fi camera that can help us monitor the interior of our house, our pets… that also works through the Smart Life or Tuya apps. Thanks to this compatibility, we can easily automate actions of all kinds with it by combining it with other home automation elements. For example, we can make it start up during certain hours, when certain lights are turned on or off or when movement is detected, among others. It is surprising that for its price it has autotracking and night vision functions, not bad.

KERUI tuya

KERUI Camcorder Specifications

The KERUI video surveillance camera has a 135-degree wide angle lens and is available in 2 versions, one with 2 MP camera and 1920*1080 pixel resolution and another version with 3 MP camera and 2304*1296 pixel resolution. Naturally, we recommend the 3 MP version, since the difference is only a few bucks. This camera has 355-degree Horizontal and 80-degree Vertical rotation, so we have 360-degree coverage. It also includes an infrared sensor that allows us to see in the dark and automatic tracking of moving objects and people.

It includes a microphone and speaker, with which we have two-way audio, so we can communicate from the app to the camera and for saving images we have a micro SD card reader and cloud guard option. Power is provided via cable through a micro USB interface and includes b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity.

Price and availability

  • The KERUI video surveillance camera can be purchased on sale on AliExpress from just around $16 with free shipping.

KERUI tuya smart life

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I haven’t read how it is with external access from the outside, via mobile, only mention of the cloud – what cloud?

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