NVidia Shield activates the new GeForce Now BETA with the most powerful PC games

The GeForce Now service has entered a new BETA phase to offer its users the possibility to play in the NVidia Shield or in a mini PC the most powerful triple A titles that we have purchased in any digital platform. Before in the Geforce Now service in our Shield we could only play the games we had bought on the NVIDIA platform and not the titles we already had in Steam, UPlay, GOG, Battle.net, Origin or similar, now with this new service this is over.

With the new BETA of Geforce Now in Nvidia Shield we can access a catalog of 250 titles of PC directly, these titles are adapted to the gamepad of the Shield and are fully compatible. The game is installed on a Virtual PC that manages Nvidia with a GPU comparable to a Geforce 1080ti with what we have enough power to move any demanding modern game, the exact configuration of that PC is an Intel Xeon E5- CPU 2697 v4 to 2.3Ghz, with 16GB of RAM and a dedicated Nvidia Tesla P40 graphics card with a total of 24 GB VRAM, a machine out of reach of ordinary users.

The GForce Now service during the BETA phase is free, this the ideal time to test it, then according to the comments in the CES event, the price would be $25 for 20 hours of gameplay, although it is still not final and seeing the negative reaction of the community possibly will change. We have to have the games bought previously in any platform but for example in the case of Fortnite we are facing a free title in its Battle Royale version so testing it does not imply any expense. Of course we have first line titles like PUBG, Overwatch, Counter Strike GO, The crew 2 or the new Islands of Nine.

  • You can sign up for the BETA of GForce Now for Nvidia Shield from this website
  • You can see the list of the 250 games supported in this list
  • Connection requirements: 15Mbps to watch it 720p at 60fps / 25Mbps to watch it at 1080p at 60fps / it is recommended to use ethernet.

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