Rii RT719 a complete and cheap multimedia control

New control device of the Rii brand specialized in these subjects that is called Rii RT719. This time we have a double-sided remote control with functions for all tastes as it has a QWERTY keyboard on one side while in the other we find a complete conventional remote control. Its backlighting stands out, a totally necessary function for any remote control that you want to use in the living room with any media player.

Rii RT719

The Rii RT719 remote control incorporates a full backlit QWERTY keyboard with multimedia shortcuts on one side, while on the other side we have a conventional remote control that includes key cloning and Air Mouse functions with which we can control the pointer in our screen. It also includes microphone and power button.

The Rii RT719 communicates via RF with the equipment we want to control thanks to a small USB 2.0 adapter included and is compatible with any miniPc with Android, Windows, Linux or consoles like the PS4 as well as development boards like the Raspberry Pi. To power it includes 2 rechargeable AAA batteries for a miniUSB port with the included cable.

Price and availability

Rii RT719 control

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