RK3566, RK3588 and RV1109 the new Rockchip SoCs for 2020

A few months ago Rockchip at its annual conference presented its new processors by 2020, today we have some more information about them and possible dates of release to the market. As we can see in the roadmap we have some name change with few surprises regarding the already known hardware and also some delay is added for some products that should already be in the market. We look forward to speaking with Rockchip at the MWC within a few weeks.

Rockchip SoC Roadmap 2020 n02

The RK3588 SoC will be the new flagship of the brand and it seems to be delaying at the end of 2020, an Octa Core chip theoretically manufactured in 8nm with 4 ARM Cortex-A76 processors and 4 ARM Cortex-A55 while for GPU we don’t have the concrete model. What we do know is that it will integrate a NPU 2.0 (Neural Processing Unit) for AI jobs, 8K video decoding thanks to its VPU 3.0 and user interface support in 4K resolution.

The RK3566 SoC is basically the previous RK3530 model with new name, a chip that can be work as a replacement for the RK3328 and br a direct rival of the Amlogic S905X3. This Soc is a Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A55 processors and a Mali-G52 GPU that we have already seen in other SoCs already in the market.

We also have the RV1109 which is intended for the field of vision IA, cameras and image processing, as we see its specifications based on Cortex-A7 focus on the visual and neuronal section with the integrated NPU.

According to the roadmap, these SoCs are not intended for Android TV-Box devices so we may see a variant with another name for this sector with more practical specifications in this area.



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