Rockchip announces the update of its SoC to the Android 9 Pie system

Today we know from the fall edition of the Global Sources Electronics Fair 2018 fair in Hong Kong the latest news of the SoC’s Rockchip family. As a novelty has been announced the support for Android 9 Pie in their most current SoC’s, for now we have not seen any updated device in the market with this system but it will be a matter of time that the updated firmware appear, Rockchip works quite fast lately launching their SDK with the latest versions of Android.

rk3326 hkfair 2018 n01

The SoC that will have Android 9 Pie for now are the entry level SoC Rockchip RK3126C, the mid-range RK3326 and the more powerful models RK3368H, RK3288 and RK3399 although surely add more to the list, for now these are the focused to the sector of the tablets but it is sure that it extends to the missing ones destined to the TV-Box. This new version of Android we have performance improvements and has the new Treble modular firmware update system that will improve the adaptation of patches by Google.

This year we have seen the RK3326 Quad Core Cortex-A35 SoC has also become part of mid-range tablets, initially was intended only for smart screens and similar products, a solution that we can find also in rearview mirrors and projection system of information that give us information on a small scale.

rk3326 hkfair 2018 n02

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