Smart YouTube TV an app to watch YouTube on Amazon Fire TV and others

Thanks to the developers of the Smart YouTube TV app the users of Amazon Fire TV devices and other devices that run on Android but do not have Google Play Services installed, we can see YouTube in a normal way. This great app allows us to see YouTube without problems in devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick that has not had the official app for years.

The Smart YouTube TV app works very simply, we just have to download the APK and install it on our device, by installing it we can follow the steps to link our YouTube user account and thus have our lists or favorites. This app is also compatible with the remote control of the Fire TV Stick and we can use it in a perfectly valid way.

Within the settings of Smart YouTube TV we have all the options of image and audio quality as if it were the official app and we can reach up to 4K without problems. The search option and subscriptions also work. This app is in development but is perfectly functional as we have personally verify.

Download and installation

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