Toocki GAN Power Cube 67W a compact 4-port charger

Good price on AliExpress for the Toocki GAN Power Cube 67W a charger with a maximum output power of 67 W, enough to power any mobile device or even a laptop.

This compact charger with GaN technology has support for QuickCharge charging protocols for Qualcomm processors and Power Delivery system for Apple, as well as supporting USB-C laptop charging. We have a total maximum output power of 67 W with different combinations in the four front connectors.

Undoubtedly a good choice if we are looking for a powerful charger that supports multiple devices, especially for its bargain price.

Toocki GAN Power Cube 67W

Toocki GAN Power Cube 67W Specifications

The Toocki GAN Power Cube 67W (TCT67-Z08) includes support for multiple fast charging protocols, we have PPS, QC for Qualcomm smartphones and for Power Delivery (PD) systems that allow us to quickly charge tablets and Apple laptops as well as PCs.

We have a maximum load of 67 W that is distributed between the different ports that we have on the front. If we want to charge a powerful laptop quickly, we recommend the USB-C1 and USB-C2 ports on the top with the certified cable that we have, as they reach up to 67 W.

We also have two USB-A ports with a maximum output power that reaches up to 30 W. The dimensions of this charger are 85 x 85 x 26.3 mm and includes a 1.5 m power cable.

Price and availability

Toocki GAN Power Cube 67 W

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