AliExpress Anniversary: TRIMUI SMART PRO the retro console of the moment

Great price for the anniversary of AliExpress from 00:00 for the retro console of the moment, the TRIMUI SMART PRO.

This is a budget range retro console that draws attention for its PlayStation VITA inspired look. In an emulation handheld that arrives loaded with more than 26 emulators for 8-bit and 16-bit consoles and systems and is powered by an Allwinner A133plus processor, an overclocked variant of the Allwinner A133. The screen is 4.96 inches and includes Wi-Fi connectivity, which is not bad for its price.

Its operating system is based on LINUX and is receiving updates, although we have alternative firmwares in development as the TOMATO OS. Overall, a very interesting console for its price and hardware quality if we are looking to move at most 16-bit consoles.


TRIMUI SMART PRO Specifications

The TRIMUI SMART PRO retro console includes as its backbone an Allwinner A133 plus SoC. A Quad Core chip made with 4 ARM Cortex-53 processors capable of reaching a speed of 1.8 GHz with aPowerVR GE8300 GPU that reaches 850Mhz.

The RAM memory is 1 GB LPDDR4x and for storage we find 8 GB eMMC. We also have a slot for micro SD cards up to 256 GB where we can store games.

Display and other notable features

The horizontal display of the TRIMUI SMART PRO is an IPS with a size of 4.96 inches and resolution of 1280×720 pixels. The internal battery is 5000 mAh capable of lasting up to 5 hours of gameplay according to the brand and is recharged by a dedicated USB Type-C port. For wireless connectivity we have Wifi b/g/n.

As for controls, we have a configuration with an analog stick, two analog sticks with RGB ambient lighting, four triggers, start, select, menu and function key. The connectors we find are a USB Type-C OTG and a 3.5 mm audio jack. This console also has a vibration engine for compatible titles, gamepad support and two 1W speakers.

Price on offer


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