TRIUMI Smart, new portable micro console to play anywhere

New micro console available under the name of TRIUMI Smart, a machine with simple specifications, but with a careful design and that we can take anywhere.

This small retro console offers a design that looks like a cross between GBA + WiiU, this machine comes in four different colors that we can choose. A machine that almost has the dimensions of a credit card and that offers us a compatible button panel for simple 2D games only. The catalog of consoles to emulate is quite simple, we have emulators of GBC, GB, GBA, NES, SMS, GG, NEOGEO and PCE among others to emulate 8/16 bit consoles. It should be noted that it includes Wifi + Bluetooth adapter to communicate comfortably.

trimui smart

TRIUMI Smart Specifications

The TRIUMI Smart retro console includes a 2.4-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, a format with 4:3 proportions equal to the consoles it emulates. To move the emulated titles it has a SoC that reaches up to 1.5GHz of which we do not know its exact specifications, it has 128 MB of RAM to emulate the retro machines. The games are loaded through a micro SD that can be included with 15000 titles in the purchase.

As we can see it has a directional pad, four front buttons, two small rear triggers, Start and Select buttons, plus menu key and power. Regarding connectivity, we have Wifi + BT adapter to connect external headphones and a USB-C charging port for its internal battery that lasts about 3.5 hours. The audio section is limited with a single 0.5 W speaker, it is advisable to use Bluetooth headphones.

The console measures 110x58x15 mm and weighs only 100 grams. The operating system is its own and seems quite worked, with its own app store.

Price and availability

  • The TRIUMI Smart retro console can be purchased at only for $63 with free shipping.

trimui smart consola

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