Xiaomi QiCYCLE EUNI ES808 new Folding Electric Scooter signed by Xiaomi

We already have for sale a new Xiaomi electric scooter called QiCYCLE EUNI ES808 , a small vehicle that comes to complete the popular M365 of the same Xiaomi that is being a sales success. This new scooter has a completely new design and has specifications that adapt it to the current legality of many countries where the maximum speed of these small electric vehicles is limited to a maximum of 20 km / h.patinete-electrico-Xiaomi-QiCYCLE-EUNI-ES808

The body of the Xiaomi QiCYCLE EUNI ES808 is made in 6061 aluminium with a completely renewed design. The weight is around 13.2 kg that allows a maximum load of 100 kg, this model attracts attention two small wheels located in the frontal that at the time of folding the scooter allow us to transport it like a trolley. The handlebar area is also completely renewed with keys of power, light and horn as well as a front screen where we can see the maximum speed, available battery and other data. In its interior we find a rechargeable battery, in about 2h, 52 Ah that gives us an autonomy of 20 km and a motor that allows a maximum speed of 20 KM / h. In addition to the usual rear disc brake we have an emergency that we can operate with the foot, a novelty compared to the previous model. The wheels also present novelties since the front is inflatable and the rear is made of solid rubber without camera.

The scooter has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and has an app from which we can update its firmware and check all data and block it.

  • The Xiaomi QiCYCLE EUNI ES808 electric scooter can be purchased from Gearbest.com for  $539.99  including shipping costs.



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