TUTORIAL: AFRd an app for automatic refresh rate switch in Amlogic SoC TV-Boxes

Today we want to echo the AFRd app to get automatic framerate switch in the TV-Box with a Amlogic SoC. An app that automatically synchronizes the refresh screen with the speed of the video that we are playing and with this, it eliminates the effect of jumps in the camera sweep known as Judder.


In order to use this AFRd app we need a compatible Amlogic TV-Box, the app captures the calls to the codec system of this type of SoC and activates the refresh change by default, in other TV-Box models with different SoC it will not work. The requirements are those described below.

  • Download AFRd and install it on our TV-Box
  • TV-Box with SoL AMLogic: S905, S905W, S912, S905X2, S905Y2 or S922X.
  • Firmware system with ROOT permission enabled.
  • Android 6.0.1 system (autumn 2017), 7.0, 8.1 or 9.0.
  • It is not compatible with Minix Neo U9-H or Ugoos in S912 chips due to modifications in its core.
  • TV with compatible refresh modes that are the majority. PC monitors do not have these frequencies.


Once downloaded and installed AFRd when executing it we have on screen the status of the app, it will indicate if the system is active and the mode of screen refresh that we have activated at this moment. The next option is the settings where we have many options to configure it in detail. This app does not modify the system if it gives some incompatibility and to stop using it you just have to uninstall it.

  • By default you already have the most common options activated for the classic modes 23,976, 29,97 and 58,95 Hz.

Within the timing settings we have adjustment modes to fine tune the time in which the system is detected and started and we can have a black screen between 2-5 seconds before starting the video content, this is normal. In the advanced settings section we have different options that allow us to activate or deactivate impeccable refresh modes with our TV. we also have a log system that gives us information about what is happening.


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has how to use the apk without root?


I have an Android tv box running on 7.1.2 firmware with Amlogic s912 processor.
I use Kodi as my media player.
My tv box has “HDMI self adaption” option in the system settings, how is this app Afrd differ from it?
And, Kodi has also option of “Adjust display refresh rate” how does it work?

Apart from having these options enabled, do I really require this Afrd app?

Please help me with an explanation.


Thanks, I will try and let you know.