Aliexpress continue with the Cyber Monday with great deals

It seemed like every year after the 11.11 hangover the online store Aliexpress would lower the speed with the deals for Black Friday and Cyber monday, but we are surprised to see that they have taken it seriously and we are finding real bargains as you will see. In this online store we have the classic $2 infinite coupons, flash offers for a limited time and selected brands with specific offers.

aliexpress eng bf 2018 n01

As always on Aliexpress we find discount coupons for selected stores or to use globally, it is advisable to see if we can use them before paying because many times they are not available depending in some offers. This year, for example, we get a very good price for small devices such as headphones or sports wristbands, especially if we apply this coupon.

bgd en bf 2018 sale n02

In the special website for electronics in this event we find really tempting offers, many of the prices may seem incredible but sometimes we must add some extra money, as we see for example with the TV-Box that is advertised for only $12.25. As always we have to compare and assess if we are interested in the purchase but it is clear that there are good offers this year, we will add to the list the bargains we see in this promotion.

Top offers and coupons

  • Discount coupon “MONDAY” for the entire store during Black Friday for 5$
  • Xiaomi Mi Box S for only $54.12 (48.15€) using the code MONDAY
  • TV-Box HK1 with SoC Rockchip RK3229 Quad and 2 / 16GB configuration for only $23.65 (21€)
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 3 from China for only  $21.29 (18.94€) with shipping included

bgd en bf 2018 sale n05

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