Amazon changes his strategy and will sell Google Chromecast and Apple TV

It seems that the pressures of Apple and Google have paid off and Amazon will change its policy regarding the restrictions it was putting on the devices of these two brands in its store. Last week we already saw how Google pulled its heavy arsenal and announced the blocking of YouTube on Amazon devices, a fact that has undoubtedly turned on all the alarm lights as it was losing big feature on their FireTV devices.

amazon chromecast d01

With this announcement of Amazon hopes that Google lift the foot of the accelerator and cancel their plans to block YouTube on FireOS devices but there is no news about it, the date imposed by Google for blocking YouTube is January 1, 2018 and we’ll see soon if Google goes ahead. On the other hand Amazon and Apple have reached an agreement whereby the Amazon Prime Video streaming service is available on Apple devices, presumably we will soon see, for example, the Apple TV for sale at the Amazon store.

  • Soon we can buy the Google Chromecast on where they still go as unavailable.
  • You can also buy the Google Chromecast Ultra on soon
  • The Apple TV 4K on the other hand if it is already available on

amazon chromecast n01

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