AMD Athlon 200GE a new low power APU with integrated Vega GPU

AMD Athlon 200GE is the new low-cost APU that comes to compete directly with the low-end Intel Pentium and offers us superior graphics performance with ridiculous consumption. Those of us who are at an age remember how AMD with its first Athlon revolutionized the sector by offering a product with excellent power / price ratio, now it seems that we are going to see the same but in the range of entry since it only costs $55 (€47.5) and can be perfectly valid for many users on a day-to-day basis. In addition there are still two other models to discover called 220GE and 240GE that are expected to be more powerful.

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As we saw in our review of the new AMD 2200G and 2400G APUs, the integration of the AMD Vega GPUs in the Zen processors gives us a much better graphic power than the integrated Intel ones. With this new AMD Athlon 200GE APU we have a similar scenario but with a consumption of only 35 W TPD, something that allows us to think about mounting it with a fanless heat sink and having a totally silent system. By its specifications reminds us of the integrated APU series V1000 that was recently introduced by AMD but in this case in AM4 socket format with which it is fully compatible.

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The new AMD Athlon 200GE APU as we see has two cores and four threads of execution, supports dual channel DDR4 RAM, supports NVMe disks and USB Type-C Gen2 connection up to 10 Gbps that could be used as power input as well. Of course we have support of HDMI 2.0a (check your motherboard compatibility, some B450 chipsets only have HDMI 1.4) video output and integrated multichannel audio, on the other hand the compatibility with Netflix will remain in FullHD (as in the Pentium of Intel) for the lack of support of some DRM permissions as it happens with the more powerful APU’s, yes, we have support for HDR something that we do not have in the Intel GPU.

Where the AMD Athlon 200GE APU stands out is undoubtedly in the graphic section because with only 35 W TPD leaves behind the GPU integrated in the Pentium Gold G4560 (58 €) with a consumption of 54 W TPD. As we see in the results of the tests we have a graphical performance that allows us to play with low 720p settings to titles like Fortnite and high to others like LOL or CS:GO up to 1080p. Undoubtedly a very interesting solution for those looking for light game and a very acceptable desktop performance.

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